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Plan Sanction in Bangalore | BBMP Plan Sanction | BDA Plan Sanction | BD...

Plan Sanction in Bangalore | BBMP Plan Sanction | BDA Plan Sanction | BDA/BBMP Plan Approval

Plan Sanction in Bangalore | BBMP Plan Sanction | BDA Plan Sanction | BDA/BBMP Plan Approval


In the event that you might want to develop working in Bangalore, you ought to get endorsement from concerned powers. (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) BBMP Arrangement endorsement methodology inside its locale to issue endorsement letters to Manufacturers/Site proprietors for development of another Building, the power subsequent to checking all the archives and satisfaction of legitimate necessities. In the event that there are no authorizations from BBMP or the deviation is more than 5%, BBMP has the power to annihilate the building or exact punishment for unapproved development.

The city and infrastructural resources of More noteworthy Bangalore will be overseen by BBMP. It practices authoritative control and organized improvement of the city. You get a few BBMP Arrangement Endorsement operators who do the meandering around and get all required paper works required as said underneath alongside the Blue prints drafted according to the Engineers last affirmed arrangement.

BDA Arrangement Authorize

Bangalore Advancement Power (BDA) is the central arranging power in Bangalore. The following is likewise a subtle elements strategy of getting BDA arrangement endorse in Bangalore or BDA arrangement endorsement. As an administrative body, it will get ready exhaustive advancement arrangement. Notwithstanding the arranging and advancement, it will likewise direct improvement related locales and administrations. It will likewise guarantee that the necessities of underprivileged residents will likewise meet without come up short. It was made in 1976 under the Bangalore Improvement Power Act 1976.

The designs in grounds and endorsements will be done through BDA. The formats that fall outside the Bangalore city breaking points will be taken care of by Bangalore Metropolitan Locale Improvement Power (BMRDA). The BDA arrangement authorize expenses or charges fluctuates relying upon the size of the task climate it's a Loft venture, Locales, Designs, Schools or Organizations, Compositions, Column houses, Estates and so on. Today there are numerous brokers or Specialists to complete the BDA arrangement endorsement including all the required reports required.

Step by step instructions to SUBMIT BUILDING Arrangement Endorsement APPLICATION

Applications for BBMP Arrangement endorsement structures can be downloaded from authority site of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike. Once the Building endorse arrangement application is filled it can be submitted through online or disconnected from the net. With a specific end goal to present the application through on the web, you ought to fill name, email id and versatile number of the candidate.

There will be various types of structures which ought to be utilized according to the span of the building arrangement. The BBMP arrangement endorse application will be affirmed in view of certain terms and conditions. The candidate ought to satisfy certain commitments too which will be specified underneath. On the off chance that you submit online application, it ought to be printed and marks ought to be fastened. You ought to submit unique application alongside the accompanying records.

GENERAL Archives REQUIRED FOR BBMP Arrangement Endorsement

1. Title deed/Ownership Declaration.

2. Permit charge Challan.

3. Site arrangement, demonstrating the current trees, well and piece levels to be outfitted in situations where storm cellar/basement floors are proposed subterranean level.

4. Most recent duty paid receipt.

5. Most recent Khata remove Testament.

6. Past endorsed arrangement.

7. Sworn statement and Repayment Bond under Karnataka Urban Area (roof and Directions) Act 1976.

8. Establishment Authentication

9. No complaint testament if there should be an occurrence of building proposition adjoining to neighboring properties.

10. No complaint testament from offices like: BDA, BESCOM, BWSSB, KSPVB, ULC, powers, Dist. Justice, BUAC, Reviewer of Plants Controller of explosives Railroads, Fire Power Office and some other power wherever pertinent.

11. Building Arrangement.

12. Plan II of National Building Association (NBO).

13. Advancement charge receipt.

14. Some other data.

In the event that you submit BBMP building arrangement online application with the above particulars, confirmation will be finished by concerned powers. On the off chance that there are any missing records, you will need to submit additional data and you will be conveyed in this connection.

In the event that you submit legitimate archives and pay recommended expense, the administration will be finished inside 30 days. You ought to print all the structures in the wake of presenting the online structure. You are encouraged to present the application to BBMP office, you ought to ask for printed affirmation from the workplace.


In the event that the application is submitted through logged off, you ought to submit legitimate structures including the connections that you are obligatory for the endorsement of the arrangement. The records that are to be submitted incorporate BBMP plan II (Bye laws No. 3-2-1). It will be tended to the magistrate, BBMP, Bangalore.

The name of the enlisted Draftsman or Specialist or authorized chief ought to be said in the order letter. One ought to give the name of the proprietor, mark of the proprietor and location of the proprietor. The inhabitance of the building, wellsprings of water to be utilized and stocking building materials and length ought to be said.

According to the timetable II, you ought to present another application to Service of works and lodging, Administration of India. The structure will be handled by National Building Association so occupation testament will be issued. Name of the development or increments ought to be specified in the application. The kind of development, for example, private structures, mechanical structures, business building, institutional structures and open structures ought to be said in the application.

The plinth territory (square meters) and aggregate floor range (square meters) ought to be mentioned.The number of stories of the building, number and kind of abiding works ought to be said in particular segments. You will give complete points of interest of every room (new development or increments) and aggregate plinth region ought to be specified. Before getting the occupation authentication.

One ought to submit more particulars including assessed development cost (discretionary), number and date of issue of approval endorsement, date of initiation of development and date of finishing of development.

BBMP plan III (Bye law 3.2.2, 15) is required to affirm the supervision. The authentication ought to be issues by enrolled designer or specialist or boss. Name, mark, address and permit number ought to be said in the authentication.

The most effective method to APPLY FOR KHATA . . ?

The following is the nitty gritty System for Applying for Khata remove at Bangalore, On the off chance that you might want to buy property, you ought to specify the Khatha of the proprietor. It is only a lawful ID testament issued by BBMP. The testament comprises of all points of interest of the property including name of the proprietor, size of the building or plot, area and other imperative particulars.

On the off chance that you might want to get building permit or exchange permit, you ought to submit Khata. The testament ought to be submitted to get credit from banks and monetary establishments also. The responsibility for is announced through title deed. You ought to comprehend the contrast between title deed and Khata. While title deed connotes the responsibility for property, the appraisal of property for duty computations will be done through the Khata authentication.

In the event that you claim a property, you ought to get Khata from the BBMP. It can be gotten through online or from BBMP office. You ought to submit Title deed, Charge Paid, Portrayal of the property unmistakably demonstrating limits and area of the site, Change charges, Encumbrance Authentication for empty locales and Stream outline of title to get Khatha endorsement. It will be issued inside 15 days from the accommodation of the application structure.

WHAT IS A KHATA Concentrate AND B KHATA Separate . . ?

There are two sorts of properties. A-Khatha authentications are issues for properties which have been produced according to the approvals. There will be legitimate licenses and endorsements. On the off chance that you have A-Khata endorsement, it is conceivable to get exchange permit or building permit effectively. You will likewise have the capacity to take advances from banks and monetary organizations with no issues when you have admittance to the A-Khata Endorsement.

On the off chance that there are legitimate authorizations and endorsements, B-Khatha declarations are issued. The declaration means that the assessment to the property is being paid to the Legislature. B Khatha is not substantial Khatha remove. You won't have the capacity to get credits from monetary organizations.

On the off chance that there are insignificant deviations in B-Khatha properties, they can be changed over into A Khatha through building regularization. So as to apply for A Khatha endorsement from B Khatha testament, you ought to submit archives including DC changed over property, complete assessment paid explanation and improvement charges for transformation needs.

Application for Khata separate Enlistment/Exchange/Bifurcation/Amalgamation should be possible through online or logged off. On the off chance that you apply through on the web, you ought to give Old PID Number, Name of the Candidate and Email ID of the candidate alongside different particulars. The first shape can be submitted alongside different structures with the goal that it will be prepared and essential clearances will be gotten. The accompanying endorsements ought to be submitted in this procedure.

Reports REQUIRED FOR KHATA Testament

• Affirmed duplicates of enlisted title deed.

• Cutting-edge Duty paid receipt.

• Affirmed Ownership Testament.

• Stream Diagram.

• Change charges paid.

• Representation indicating area and Estimation of property.

• Affirmation of progression/legacy/blessing court order.

• Unique demise Declaration.

• Affirmation with respect to blood relationship.

• NOC from BDA for amalgamation or bifurcation.

Confirmation or examination of the application will be done and you will get assent inside 15 days. On the off chance that you present the structure through on the web, all structures ought to be printed and kept as reinforcement for prepared reference after the accommodation of the application structure. In the event that there is any missing record or extra

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IncomeTax advantages on Home Loan in India


1. How do I get income tax benefits on Home Loan? 
2. What if i have purchased a second residence- Am I nonetheless eligible for tax benefits? 3. What are the earnings tax advantages on home mortgage if I want to move for Joint/development linked mortgage?

Housing loan Tax benefits 

Develop in deduction limit on interest on residence mortgage for self-occupied property from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh
Expand in deduction restrict on important on residence loan from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh(under section 80C)
Most of us at the moment are watching at investments in real estates, as a greater choice. When you converse to any one, who has invested in a real estate property previously 10 years, they will give an explanation for how the worth of their flat is doubled and even tripled in couple of years!
Yes, real estate as an asset type is gaining momentum amongst buyers. Whatever stated and accomplished, you require a condominium of your own. You could have a 2d property as investment, if your price range allows for the EMI for a home mortgage.
A different principal advantage of investment in property is the large sales tax benefits on dwelling mortgage.

Allow us to see how it works for you?

In case you are going for a flat worth 50 lakhs, you'll be eligible for eighty% of the cost as a house loan, provided you've the earnings to aid the EMI and your credit ranking is just right. Allow us to see the causes in the dwelling loan.

In this case, you may get eighty% of 50 Lakhs i.E. Forty Lakhs as mortgage. If you're picking a 20 12 months time period, the Equated monthly Installment (EMI) might be 39,935 assuming the curiosity price of 10.5%.

How the EMI works?

Within the EMI of 39,935 there are 2 components, fundamental and interest. Within the preliminary years, the foremost aspect will probably be negligible because the curiosity component will likely be very high. After repaying the 12 emis, the exquisite mortgage will probably be 39, 37,843, since best 62,157 might be repaid as predominant whilst 4, 17,063 go towards interest! Slowly, the interest factor will come down and essential will develop. On the later stage of the mortgage, the interest factor will be less.

Revenue Tax benefits on home mortgage

Sales tax advantages on house mortgage will also be divided in 2 accessories

Principal component in EMI
Interest component in EMI

The predominant and curiosity component EMI will get exclusive tax advantages.
Sales Tax benefits on house loan – principal element.You might be eligible to claim tax benefits beneath section 80C for the important reimbursement of a dwelling mortgage. That you could claim deduction as much as 1.5 Lakh together with all other permissible devices like, existence insurance top class, PPF, ELSS, NSC etc.
You might be eligible for this advantage provided that the loan is for a self occupied condo. But if you are staying in another metropolis for job and have condo in one more metropolis, then you can declare this advantage even supposing the condominium is not self occupied.

Income Tax benefits on dwelling mortgage – curiosity component

Under part 24 of the IT Act, that you could claim deduction up to 2 Lakhs in a yr for the home loan interest paid. The limit of two Lakhs is relevant only for the self occupied residence. If you're going for a 2nd house, you can declare the genuine curiosity paid as deduction. The restrict of two Lakhs is just not relevant right here.

Construction Linked mortgage

If the mortgage is building linked and in case you are paying simplest Pre EMI curiosity, there's a alternate in the way in which you get tax advantages.
Pre EMI interest will not be eligible for tax improvement, at the time of cost. However that you could claim this in 5 equal installments after the development of the apartment. The whole interest paid at this stage can be claimed in 5 equal installments commencing from the year in which you get possession. But please word that the limit is constant as 2 Lakhs in a yr in this case additionally.
In the event you pay EMI before occupation of the condo

In this case, you're going to now not get any improvement under section 80C for the predominant repaid before occupation of the condo. That you would be able to declare the advantages under section 80C simplest from the occupation.

For the curiosity paid before occupation, you'll now not get the tax benefits immediately. But the total curiosity paid before occupation can be claimed in 5 equal installments from the 12 months where you get the occupation. But the restrict per yr is 2 Lakhs.
Revenue Tax advantages on Joint residence loan

Though the tax advantage is limited to 1.5 Lakh under part 80C and a couple of Lakhs in part 24, that you would be able to get extra advantages, in case you go for a joint house loan along along with your partner. Should you go for a joint home mortgage along with your spouse in the ratio of fifty: 50, then both of that you would be able to declare these advantages individually. So the restrict will probably be three lakhs in part 80C and four Lakhs in part 24. This may lower your fee of mortgage radically.

So, enjoy the earnings tax benefits on residence loan and congratulations for having your dream residence.

Please think free to ask if you have any queries involving income tax advantages on residence mortgage.

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What is Pent House Apartment


Penthouse lofts in NYC convey a quality of assumed restrictiveness and moment allure, and, generally, rightly so. Penthouse flats are as a rule among the biggest and most extravagantly designated homes inside a given building, and they assuredly have the most sweeping perspectives.Be that as it may, while there are few assuming any "awful" penthouse lofts around the local area, postings of penthouse condo can mean diverse things, contingent upon the building, and the area, and the broker.

Penthouse flats in NYC can be of a few unique sorts. The strict, engineering meaning of a penthouse loft is a solitary inhabitance living space really assembled onto the housetop - an extra floor (or, on account of a duplex penthouse condo, an extra two stories), maybe, heaped on the building- - with mishaps all around furnishing patios with fantastic perspectives.

Since the housetop difficulties include significantly more square footage than standard patios, penthouse condo, for example, these are perfect for individuals for whom private open air living space is at a premium. Contingent upon individual construction regulations and limitations, penthouse lofts of this write can include luxuries all the more regularly found in rural patios, for example, substantial, completed decks with open air tables and chaise lounge; extravagant grill pits and cooking regions; bloom and/or vegetable greenery enclosures; play gear for children or workout and/or yoga space for grown-ups.

There are a lot of Manhattan penthouse flats that meet this criteria, yet numerous structures utilize the term somewhat more freely. A penthouse flat in Bangalore City can likewise essentially mean a solitary inhabitance living space that takes up the whole, highest floor of a building, and not one assembled onto the rooftop with mishaps.

These top-floor penthouse condo are, obviously, frequently enormous, with private, bolted lift doors; higher, vaulted roofs; chimneys, Jacuzzis and even "unlimited pools" for swimming; galleries and porches; and larger than usual windows—and, in contemporary extravagance towers, floor-to-roof windows—that exploit the transcendent, regularly unhindered, perspectives of the cityscape. Once in a while penthouse lofts, for example, these likewise manage the cost of occupants access to private housetop decks, with eating and sunning and practice territories, adding to the exceptional way of the space.

Since the expression "penthouse" has come to be synonymous with a sumptuous, even epicurean, way of life—it was no mischance that Bounce Guccione named his optimistic men's magazine Penthouse, with the punch line, Life on Top, rather than, say, Exemplary 6- - you may discover postings for NYC penthouse condo that fit in with both of the above portrayals.

Some penthouse lofts in Bangalore City don't take up the whole space, yet are essentially situated on a building's top floor, alongside a few others, and take after the same design, or impression, as the various flats on the various floors in its line. A few structures likewise publicize penthouse condo that are just on one of the highest floors, instead of being on the top floor itself. These are regularly entirely stunning flats all by themselves, with wonderful perspectives and other extravagance civilities, however they aren't entirely penthouses.

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What are the benefits of buying your own home

What are the benefits of buying your own home

What are the benefits of buying your own home?
Buying your first home can take a lot out of you. It takes a lot of time to find the right home, and then negotiating with real estate agents and vendors to get the place for a price you can afford can really take a toll on your nerves.
And of course, for most us buying a home means borrowing a big amount of money on a 25 year mortgage.

Yes it can be a trying experience, but for most Australians, the positives of being a home-owner far outweigh the negatives. So what’s the appeal?
Feeling secure Australia has the shortest residential leases in the OECD, with renters typically signing up for a 12 or six month lease. Compare that to northern Europe, where renters sign up for leases that run up to 10 years.
For renters, the end of the lease can bring a lot of anxiety – particularly in areas like central Sydney or Darwin where there is a severe shortage of affordable housing.

That anxiety disappears when you are an owner – you can stay in your home as long as you like.

Read more: Does it make sense to get into the market?

Decorative freedom

Would you like to paint the kitchen purple? How about converting the garage into a gym and billiard room?
As a renter, you need the landlord’s permission to do many of the things that could help make your place feel like home – even hanging a picture in a new spot!Not so when you buy your own home. It’s your castle – yours to change and update as you like.

Growth power

Most first home buyers find their repayments are higher than the rent they were paying, even when the property they buy is smaller.
On the face of it that may seem like a losing proposition, yet most economic studies have found Australians are 2.5 to 4 times better off financially as owners rather than renters.

How is that possible? Simply put, real estate tends to grow in value faster than inflation and over time, the growth on the total value of your property should outstrip your ability to save.Over time, the growth on the total value of your property should outstrip your ability to save.

For instance, a deposit of $50,000 in the bank would earn $2,500 p.a. if interest rates are at 5%. But if you use that money as a deposit to buy a $500,000 home which grows in value by 5%, your gain is $25,000.
With the 10 year growth average for capital city houses sitting at around 9%, that growth in value should also outstrip the taxes, fees and rates you pay as a home-owner.

The equity nest egg

The difference between what you owe on your mortgage and what your property is worth is known as equity – and it’s the key to making money in real estate.

Your equity grows faster when prices are moving up and interest rates are going down or when you make extra payments on your mortgage.
And equity is a very handy financial asset. You can use your equity in your home to help you to buy an investment, start a business or as finance for other purposes.

You can use your equity in your home to help you to buy an investment, start a business or as finance for other purposes.

Not taxing at all!

When you sell assets for more money than you paid for them, the difference is known as a capital gain.

Capital gains are great – it means you've made more money that year, but there is one drawback; the amount you made will be subject to tax.
Except if the gain we are talking about is from the sale of your home.
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Home Repair or Renovation in Bangalore

Home Repair or Renovation in Bangalore

At Repair & Renovation Services we offer a variety of services 

Here's a great idea to get the information you need to repair and renovate your old house to a new house.

From simple repair to complete renovation can analyze your specific situation and help you make the right decision. And sees the potential in existing buildings and encourages adaptive reuse whenever possible. Through the adaptive reuse design process It can help you transform an old outdated building into a building with life and purpose again.Ordinary renovation and maintenance activities can create toxic lead dust that can harm workers, and even yourself.

* Renovation is "the act of renewing." In simple terms it's making a room or am entire home look better by fixing what's already there and adding new elements and quality materials. Again, depending on the condition of the home when the project begins, this is generally more cost effective than remodeling. Many factors will determine whether renovation is more or less costly than restoration.

The difference between renovation and repair. A renovation involves the removal of an existing or old feature and its replacement with a completely new one. A repair is the modification of an existing or old home feature to bring it back to its original performance level.

It is your rights when starting house renovations or repairs

Help protect yourself and your home by knowing your rights before starting a house renovation or repairs. You earn how to hire a reliable contractor and see what you need to include in your contract with them.

When you are looking to hire a contractor make sure to: 

  • make a list of exactly what you want done. Remember that changing plans in the middle of a project will cost extra money
  • set a clear budget
  • ask for recommendations from friends and relative
  • get written estimates from at least 3 contractors
  • never accept an estimate over the phone or without the contractor inspecting the area
  • remember that good contractors ask a lot of questions so they can understand and plan out the project.

 Alteration includes, however isn't always limited to, all minor construction; modifications in facilities configuration; fabrication, change, elimination, or set up of hardware and gadget; signs and symptoms; erection, relocation, or removal of partitions, doorways, and home windows; and changes in form of finishes and flooring substances. Maintenance applies to that paintings that is required to restore, improve, or in any other case improve the overall situation of centers.

Upkeep or repair includes all work important for the overall upkeep of current centers, facility additives, grounds, and software structures.

fStructural/bodily modifications to interior space is defined as demolition or new creation that consists of: set up of constant equipment or fixtures requiring application, electrical, laboratory exhaust or HVAC connections; fireplace alarms and fire suppression structures; faucets into building utilities or HVAC structures; plumbing; involvement of any hazardous substances or lifestyles protection problems which includes propane, herbal gas, chemical substances, fumes, ventilation troubles.


The facilities division is liable for review and approval of all changes, renovations, protection and restore of NC state university centers. All changes, renovations, structural/physical adjustments, renovation and restore ought to be completed or shrunk handiest thru the centers department unless the division offers expressed written popularity of an exception. 

The division will make sure that changes, renovations, renovation and repair are: Designed and achieved in compliance with the parameters of the bodily grasp Plan and the programmatic desires of the college,carried out as a way to protect the health, welfare and safety of the university network.In compliance with kingdom building Codes and university and country constructing standards.Reviewed by means of the specified campus gadgets, university committees and state corporations,Documented and archived into building "As built" plans.

 This rule shall observe to all facilities belonging to or below the responsibility of NC state university. Departments violating this rule will be required to accurate non-compliant paintings and may be financially liable for all prices to gain compliance. Exceptions to this rule are as follows:university Housing, Athletics, Campus corporations, and Transportation operate their very own maintenance and restore gadgets and may carry out restrained, pre-permitted preservation and restore within the space / homes assigned.CALS studies Stations and subject laboratories function their personal maintenance and repair devices and might perform restrained, pre-accredited upkeep and repair at these off-campus centers.


Departments inquiring for alterations or renovations need to:
touch an appropriate college Facility Coordinator to speak about need, supply of funds and scope of a centers change Request (FACMOD) to the office of the college Architect inside the centers department if the undertaking involves one or more of the following:

Alteration as described inmaintenance as defined in structural/physical modifications as described in changes in the use of the gap along with convention room to office, hallway to workplace, coaching lab to research lab, Chemistry area to data space.adjustments within the room numbers, door numbers, or unassigned space.Outside modifications to the constructing.Equipment located exterior or indoors to the constructing and interior gadget requiring utility offerings.

And they provide renovation and repair loans from most of the Leading Banks
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On the off chance that one is on edge about the reimbursement of their home credit in the event of something disastrous transpiring before the advance is paid, or on the off chance that they are stressing that their family will be made at risk for reimbursement on the off chance that they pass away, they can now rest their on edge mind, as there is a way. Those Borrowers, who have taken huge advances, can return home advance protection spread for only a little month to month premium so that the remarkable credit gets reimbursed on the off chance that the borrower passes away amid the advance term.

Those Borrowers, who have adequate substitute wellsprings of pay, different speculations or investment funds to help them in a period of emergency, can't profit of this protection spread. This spread is implied for the individuals who don't have whatever other wellspring of cash. Benefiting of this protection spread will give them protection and flexibility from uneasiness by paying a little premium.

Certain Lenders offer free home credit spread while some have tie-up with a life coverage Company. Arranged gathering rates are generally offered by such plans. In the event that the premium sum is assembled with the EMI, it is less difficult to make reimbursements. Should the Borrower decide to make a one-time installment for the protection cover, that sum and EMIs will be figured on the aggregate whole.

The premium for the spread relies on upon four things-advance sum, residency, age and strength of the Borrower. On the off chance that the sum is high the premium will be higher, and if the residency of the advance is long the premium will be on the higher side. Borrowers, who are more youthful, will need to pay lower premiums, while the individuals who are more seasoned will need to pay higher ones. Those, who have sicknesses like a coronary illness or circulatory strain, will need to pay more premium than the individuals who are healthy.

A few Borrowers, prepay their advance in front of the residency for instance in eight years roughly. On the off chance that they have paid the protection premium for the entire residency of the credit, they may get a discount. They ought to see if the Company will give them a discount on the overabundance sum that they have paid.

Banks that protect home credits now offer selective home protection arranges with numerous advantages. In the event that it is a joint advance one will need to take out two arrangements in the names of the Joint Applicants and sum for the premium would be twofold. In the event that any of the Applicant passes on, the Insurance Company would assume control over the advance.

On the off chance that one pays the extra security premium they are qualified for conclusion agreeing for Section 80C. At the point when the premium is clubbed with their Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) installments the chief installments will in any case get a conclusion under Section 80C and the interest installments will get a derivation under Section 24. A Borrower's assessable wage can be brought around that sum.

This credit spread strategy is just a danger spread. It gives a single amount on the Borrowers' passing amid the advance residency. This will be a diminishing rate of the underlying total guaranteed and will get less with the progression of time. As it is just a danger spread arrangement, paid in the event that he/she gets by up to the end of the term of the approach.

In this manner, considering every one of these procurements it regards benefit of this exigencies which may happen and they may have no control. It will give an abundantly required security to their family also.

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These days quite a lot of importance is given to the principles laid down in Vaastu Shasta, a science by itself, regulating construction of buildings, whether residential or commercial. Planners take into consideration the location of the site with regard to the roads, slopes, soil, water table etc., before planning the building. Every one of us wants the stay or functioning [in commercial buildings] to be healthy, and successful. Vaastu principles are such that if followed provide happiness, health and prosperity for the occupants of the building. While we have been talking about the roads, directions of the slopes of the site, vehicle Schools, trees and plants around the site, facing of doors and windows, internal location ( location of kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, toilets, etc.,) so far as residential buildings are concerned, and the internal arrangements for industrial or commercial building nothing much has been said about the roofs of buildings. In the olden days most of the houses were built with roof sloping on one side or the other. However later on the styles changed and the roofs were built without any slopes particularly in the dry areas, where the rains were not heavy. The roofs used to be of tiles or of stone slabs / mortar till the advent of cement concrete. Vaastu Shasta provides for putting up the roofs in a particular way.


Whatever may be the material used the basic requirement is that there should be no seepage or leakage of rain water. If the roof is not placed in accordance with the Vaastu Shasta it can have some adverse effects. Here are the Vaastu principles for putting up a roof for a building.

  • If the roof is sloping, such sloping should be equal or even on both sides.
  • The slopes should be North or East.
  • Avoid sloping towards south or west.
  • Smoke chimney be provided in the south or west of the building. Avoid east, North-east or north.
  • When the water tanks are to be placed on the roof, prefer placing them in south or west side of the roof, avoid north-east, east or north.
  • Flat roof is considered to be quite good and therefore the water tanks should be placed on raised platforms.
  • The slopes required for flat roofs should be towards east or north.
  • Pyramid shaped roofs are considered as neutral.
  • In case it is necessary to provide skylight window it should be provided only in north or east side of the roof.
  • The roof tiles should always be in good condition and the broken tiles should be replaced immediately as and when noticed.
  • The slope should be even on both sides of the site.
In these days the houses are designed in different ways to suit the requirements of the owners. Naturally the roofs are designed to get better elevation and aesthetic value. Even the roofs are split into different levels. In such cases care should be taken to see that south-west roof level and parapet wall are a bit higher than the other sides. The levels of sloping roof be lesser at north-east than at south-west.


It is seen that in some cases a small house is built on the top roof of the stored building. It is known as penthouse. The penthouse is supposed not to be a part of the main building and application of Vaastu principles is given a go-by. However it is desirable to refer to Vaastu aspects before taking up construction of penthouse. The following points are considered important and should be followed:
  • Avoid construction of penthouse on north or east side of the top floor roof.
  • Since the built up on the southern side or western side has to be taller it is appropriate to put up a penthouse on west or south of terrace.
  • Since the penthouse is used as a house for residence it is desirable to follow Vaastu principles as in the case of any normal house.
  • It is desirable to leave some open space in the east and north.
  • For increasing positive energy a small garden, flower plants may be developed in north-east part of the area.

It is suggested that the plants bearing flowers which have no smell or have bad smell, oily, thorny should be avoided. Thorny plants and cactus plants should be totally avoided in residential buildings as such plants create a negative energy. Even bonsai plants are not recommended inside the house.