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Fundamentally, Vaastu is a science, which manages the formation of an agreeable vitality field in a structure. It has nothing to do with religion, customs or crystal gazing. One can even call Vaastu as an investigation of the bio vitality present in a structure, which we don't know about however can feel its presence. For instance when we are in a high-vitality field we can encounter a vibe of peace, quiet and loose. In a structure which does not take after the precepts of Vaastu and you will feel bleak and discouraged. Each structure has an unobtrusive air, which is one of a kind to it, however we don't know for certain what it is.

Vaastu can be comprehensively classified as:

  • Bhoomi:The earth, plot or site for the abode
  • Prasada:The structures on the Bhoomi
  • Yaana:Movable articles like Vehicles put on the Bhoomi
  • Sayana:Furniture set inside the Prasada
The above propose that the standards of Vaastu Shastra stretch out from the full scale level to the miniaturized scale level, for example, site determination, site arranging and introduction, zoning and aura of rooms, corresponding connections between the different parts of structures and the character of structures. Vaastu basically manages two vitality sources the sunlight based vitality flux and the geomagnetic vitality flux. The exploration of vaastu goes for controlling the stream of these energies in a vaastu by selecting legitimate headings and arrangements for the vaastu.

By listening to the earth, we get to be sensitive to the vitality of the universe, for this vitality is showed broadcasting live as wind, on the earth as water and arrive, and in the sky as stars. The earth is a substance energized by vitality, vitality streams in it, through it, and around it.

Vitality III level open space is not the same as vitality in hilly regions comparatively vitality in a valley is not quite the same as vitality on a level. This implies every kind of a landform has a particular sort of vitality connected with it.Vaastu guidance for plot choice depends on the investigation of numerous variables such as heading of the site, kind of soil on the site and the incline of the plot.

Essentially unwind and stroll on the plot you plan to purchase, close your eyes and take a full breath how would you feel? On the off chance that you feel decent while strolling and loose the plot most likely transmits a positive vitality, in the event that you feel wiped out not long after in the wake of venturing onto the plot or depleted, then don't contribute on such a property.

You have to maintain a strategic distance from area, which is excessively wet, making it impossible to the degree that the spot is inclined to getting waterlogged. Then again likewise maintain a strategic distance from area which is excessively dry, making it impossible to the degree that vegetation getting kept from water and blazed by the sun. At the end of the day it must be adjusted as to the nature of the dirt. Check the nature of the dirt by taking a gander at the shading, soil with shades of red or yellow tinge are viewed as great and it ought not be grayish and to a great degree approximately pressed. Evacuate the top soil and check the scent of the dirt underneath, in the event that it smells deteriorated it's a terrible plot, the dirt ought to notice sweet and this constitutes a decent plot.

Lands which are situated at deadlocks, particularly if the plot itself remains at the very end of the street are viewed as terrible vaastu. Hypothetically the area confronts a street coming directly at it, and typically speaks to the prisoners of the house being placed in a tight corner. Notwithstanding normal structures of one's building, it is similarly essential to be exceptionally perceptive of other artificial structures, which can likewise bring unpropitious fortunes or terrible vitality.

Structures like transmission towers and substantial emergency cross light emissions likewise coordinate negative vitality towards the plots. Aside from the above, terrains near memorial parks, burial grounds, crematoriums and healing centers are additionally an unthinkable as they places, which exude solid negative vibrations that should overpower the breath of life.

A state of the plot is very essential in guaranteeing legitimate stream of vitality both in vaastu and in Feng Shui. An unpredictable plot can influence the house, which is developed on it. In a city where finding and purchasing a plot to fit one's financial plan is a bad dream we for the most part land up settling for a plot of any shape without investigating its circumstances and end results. I could be troublesome now and again to discover an area, which is standard fit as a fiddle and is either a square or rectangle, yet it is prudent to search for such plots. General formed plots have an unfaltering and great stream of vitality levels bridging the meridians.

Unpredictable molded plots framing, triangles, trapezoids and even parallelograms are viewed as less favorable with respect to vitality stream because of their shape. On the off chance that the plots are "L" or "T" formed it can be just subdivided into two customary molded plots so it is less demanding to handle such plots. Well on the off chance that you possess a sporadic molded plot and subdividing is additionally inconceivable then you have to investigate the conceivable outcomes of using so as to form the plot plants or trees to disguise the anomaly. The most favored shape in the vaastu is square as it does equity to all the eight headings. The square symbolizes request, strength, and the last condition of developing life. It is flawlessness past life and passing.

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Questions & Answers for Property Registration in Bangalore.

Questions & Answers for Property Registration in Bangalore.

One of my friends who is a Muslim wants to gift his property. He has been told that under Muslim law an oral gift can be made. Can a Muslim make an oral gift and how the same can be lawfully done?
A Mohammedan can gift an immovable property by making an oral gift provided three ingredients are satisfied. These ingredients are (a) there must be a declaration of gift (b) there must be an acceptance of gift by the done, and (c) the possession of the property which is the subject matter of the gift must have been delivered to the done, where the donor and the done reside together an overt act is necessary. Unless these three valid requirements of declaration acceptance and possession are satisfied, an oral gift under Mohammedan law is not valid. 

What is the idea behind affixing photographs for registration of property?
This has been done to avoid impersonation and fraudulent dealings. The purchaser has to be present for the registration of property along with two photographs. In case the purchaser is absent, he has to be represented by the GPA holder and he must submit two photos of himself. The vendor or vendors should be present along with his or their photographs. In case of more than one purchaser, all the purchasers should be present for registration with photos. Two persons must identify the executes. This is a things to prevent cheating and under hand dealings at the time of selling properties

I have a property, which I would like to be bequeath to my minor grandson, and not to my son. Please let me know what should I do?

If the property is self acquired you may directly bequeath it to your grandson through a will. Alternatively, you may bequeaththe property to your son or his lifetime and thereafter it will go to your grandson.

Can a document relating to an immovable property in India be executed outside India?

A document relating to an immovable property in India can executed outside India. However, it must be presented later for registration in India within a period of four months from the date of execution.

We are three brothers and the youngest one ran away at the young age 13 and there was no news about him for last 14 year. We filed a police complaint and made all efforts to trace him. During this period our parents passed away and we got the properties divided between the two of us. Now the brother has returned and he is claiming his share. Is there any way to solve this unexpected problem?

It seems your parents died without leaving any will. That being so you three brothers are entitled to enjoy the property in equal proportion. A person missing does not mean that he is dead. But according to law if a person is missing for 12 years he is presumed to be dead. Having come back your brother is entitled to 1/3rd share of the properties even though he was absent from the scence for about 13 years.

Our mother passed away in 2002. My father married again and recently he expired. We are two daughters. How will we share the property? Our stepmother has no children.

The daughters and stepmother have equal right over your father’s property. The property shall be divided in to three equal parts and each of you will get one share.

There are two houses in a compound. I am staying in the house which is behind my cousin’s. To reach the road we have been using the passage that runs though my cousin’s property. My cousin sold his house to another person without our knowledge and the new owner is obstructing our passage to the road. There is no other alternative route to the road and how can solve our problem?

The new owner cannot deny you the passage you have been using out of necessity for a very long time without interruption. You have a right over the passageway, even though it does not belong to you. The Indian Easement Act says that the owner cannot take away the right of the user of the passageway even though he is the owner of the property.

I am the only child of my parents who are not alive. By a will my father has bequeathed to large portion of his property to me and some to relatives. However there is no mention in the will about the distribution of some of the remaining properties. Please enlighten me as to what would happen to the these properties?

Since the will is silent on the remaining portion of the property you as the only legal heir are entitled to the property. It is not possible to say why the will is silent on the remaining property. At the time of writing the will perhaps your father was undecided on its transfer. You have not mentioned whether he has left behind any financial liability like repayment of loans to banks and financial institutions

Whether the registering office accepts document which contain interrelations, blank erasers or alteration?

If the documents presented for registration contains interrelations blanks erasers alterations the registering officer may refuse to accept such document for registration. Section 20 of the Indian registration Act makes it mandatory that such interrelations occurring in a document should be noted at the bottom of the document on each page and shall be signed by the executes before submitting the document for registration.

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Stamp duty and Registration charges in Bangalore

 For Registration of a Flat,Villa,plot:

The Government of Karnataka collects the stamp duty on the first purchase of flats/vilas/plots from Owners, Promoters, Developers etc. and the stamp duty is calculated as follows, based on the value of the flat being purchased:

  • If the value does not exceed Rs.3 lakhs 2% of the value (Rs.6,000/- for Rs.3lakhs)
  • If it exceeds Rs.3lakhs but does not exceed Rs.5 lakhs. Rs.6,000/- plus 3% on the amount exceeding Rs.3 lakhs (Rs.12,000/- for Rs.5 lakhs)
  • If it exceeds Rs.5 lakhs but does not exceed Rs.10 lakhs Rs.12,000/- plus 6% on the amount exceeding Rs.5 lakhs (Rs.42,000/- for Rs.10lakhs)
  • If it exceeds Rs.10 lakhs. Rs.42,000/- plus 8% on the amount exceeding Rs.10lakhs (Rs.1,06,000/- for Rs.18 lakhs)

Infrastructural development stamp duty of 5% on the above stamp duty is also charged. In addition to the above if the property is located in city corporation or city municipal council 2% extra stamp duty on the value of the flat/apartment is also charged.

Value of the flat is say Rs.5lakhs.

1 Stamp duty Rs.6,000/- plus 3% on the amount exceeding Rs.3lakhs (Rs.5,00,000–Rs.3,00,000/-=Rs.2,00,000/-) at 3% = Rs.6,000/- Rs.12,000/-
2 Infrastructural stamp duty @ 5% of the above Rs.600/-
3 Additional stamp duty in case of properties in corporation / city municipal areas 2% of the value of the property Rs.10,000/-


In case of properties located outside Bangalore regional development authority stamp duty on properties exceeding Rs.10,00,000/- is calculated as follows:

  • Rs.42,000/- plus 7% on the amount exceeding Rs.10,00,000/-
  • Infrastructural stamp duty @ 5% on the above stamp duty
  • Additional stamp duty of 2% in case of a property located in corporation / city municipal areas.
Registration charges:

Registration charges is payable at 2% of the value of the flat/vilas/plot purchased.

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What is Khata Certificate and Khata Extract in Bangalore

Khata Certificate and Khata Extract in Bangalore

What is a Khata?

The word Khata refers to two specific documents issued by the BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) to a property owner – the Khata Certificate and the Khata Extract. The term literally means an “Account”.

What purpose does a Khata serve?

From the viewpoint of property owners in Bangalore, the most important purpose of the Khata documents is that they contain an assessment of how much property taxes the owner must pay the BBMP.

From the viewpoint of the BBMP, the purpose is to contain a record of how much property taxes may be received for a property and also to identify who is primarily responsible for paying the property taxes that are owed on the property.

What is a Khata Certificate?

The Khata Certificate is a document that identifies who the owner of a particular property is. In other words, it “certifies” that a particular property belongs to particular person.

What is a Khata Extract?

A Khata Extract is an extract taken from the assessment register of the BBMP giving details of the property concerned, such as the name of the property, its size, the use to which it is put (commercial purpose, residential), and its annual value, fixed when it was last assessed.

The most important aspect of the Khata Extract is that it contains the amount of property taxes that must be paid on the property. In addition to that information it also contains various details about the property such as:
  • Size of the property
  • Location of the property
  • Built-up Area of the property
When is a Khata Certificate and Khata Extract required?

These documents are compulsory in two situations the first is when the property owner wishes to register the property and the second is when the owner wishes to sell the property.

What are some other situations when the Khata Certificate and Khata Extract is required?

Some other situations where property owners require these documents are when they:

  • Apply for an Electricity Connection to BESCOM
  • Apply for a Water Connection to BWSSB
  • Apply for a loan from a bank and use the property as collateral for the loan
  • Apply for a license of any sort from the government 

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When the builder works for you on a labour-only contract you manage the whole process and the builder is only responsible for building. People take this option in the belief that they will have better control over the building process or because they want to save money. With this type of contract you either pay your builder by the hour, by the week, or a set price. Paying a set price will be incentive for the builder to work steadily to finish the job in a reasonable timeframe as the job would have been priced on a set number of hours.


You become the main contractor which means you are responsible for the work meeting Building Code requirements and for any defects in construction. Just how much you are responsible for the builder’s work would depend on the facts in each case.

The responsibility for coordinating the whole project, i.e. making sure everything happens when it should, rests with you. It will probably take a huge amount of your time and energy to hire contractors, buy materials and manage the project, and at times it could be inconvenient to you, your family and your employer.

You are responsible for health and safety on the building site.

For everyone’s protection, make sure the duties of each party are very clearly spelt out in the building contract.


Under a labour-only contract the builder still has a contractual obligation to perform the work to the standard in the contract. And a legal obligation under theBuilding Act 2004 to meet the Building Code and under the Consumer Guarantees Act to work with reasonable skill and care. The Consumer Guarantees Act does not cover houses, although it does cover materials and services provided.

Some builders are reluctant, or even refuse to take on work on a labour-only contract. Building processes have to be managed very precisely and if you are not on the ball to organise the subcontractors, materials and building inspectors, the builder will be held up. Waiting will not only cost the builder time but also loss of earnings while they are waiting (in the case of a set fee contract).

The builder can end up chasing around after the subcontractors, materials and inspectors even though they did not include management of the project in their quote. 
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When you have chosen to build your fantasy house, take note of the accompanying focuses before you continue

Consider Your Budget:
 Begin now to consider the amount you can bear to spend and the amount of building your new home is liable to cost. Odds are you will require a development credit and a home loan. It's not very right on time to discover what size credit you fit the bill for. Likewise, knowing the inexact expenses will offer you some assistance with modifying your building arrangements to meet your financial plan.

Your plot and Location: 
Whether you are building your home in a rural improvement or a site with clearing sea sees, you will quite often need to pick the area before you select floor arranges or different subtle elements. You should explore elements, for example, soil condition, waste, zoning and construction regulations in the locale.

You ought to have a planner and contractual worker:
 You'll require a group of specialists to outline and build your home. Key players will incorporate a manufacturer and a home planner or an engineer. Numerous mortgage holders start by selecting the manufacturer or contractual worker. It is ideal to choose a planner or architect first. Designers and manufacturers must be precisely chosen. Attempt to get some reference from your companions and relatives. Make creator concurrence with the modeler about his expenses and administrations.

Set up a Plan: 
Based on your necessities and taking a gander at the building guidelines of the neighborhood organization, set up a preparatory arrangement and appraisal with the assistance of the Architect. Talk about the house design arrangement with your family and some dear companions and relatives if required. Once the arrangement is finished, submit it for endorsement to nearby organization. You can likewise attempt to get endorsement for Bio gas plant, Solar vitality boards, Wind vitality and so forth in the event that you are going to introduce it. Numerous organization gives you endowment for these things gave you present the points of interest adequately early. Note the accompanying:

1. Plot Plan: Should incorporate size and area of structures on property, including separations to parcel lines, avenues, streets, and property lines.

2. Floor Plan: Include all room uses and sizes, entryway and window sizes and areas.

3. Determination Sheet, Footing/Foundation Plan and Cross Section Drawing: (might act naturally arranged, in spite of the fact that outlines are favored) Include size, sort, and quality (evaluation) of materials, size of footings, profundity, size and traverse of joists and rafters, roof statures, stair subtle elements, and so on.

4. Auxiliary drawings must be submitted with arrangements.

5. Plumbing and Electrical Drawings

Make Contract understanding: 
 Once you get endorsement of your arrangement, make sure to get a composed contract which has been marked and dated by both the developer or temporary worker and the modeler or creator. An agreement for new home development will depict the undertaking in point of interest and incorporate a posting of the considerable number of parts to be incorporated into the house. Keep in mind to correct the agreement in the event that you or your group roll out any improvements to the venture later on.

Note the accompanying:.

1) A grant expense might be paid before a building grant can be issued.

2) Do not begin development until the building license has been issued.

The vast majority utilize the ability of those in the building business to inform them on the lawful necessities regarding the building laws and numerous agent the undertaking of getting a building agree to their engineer/fashioner, developer or venture chief.

When you utilize an enrolled modeler or other kind of fashioner, they should get ready arrangements and details that meet the Building Code execution gauges . The manufacturer then needs to construct the house to the particulars and plans so that the deciding result matches what was endorsed in the building assent.

At last you will be dependable under the Building Act if your home does not meet the required benchmarks, so ensure you utilize talented individuals who know all the building controls and stay up with the latest with new principles and guidelines.
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Vaastu Affects of South Facing Sites

Vaastu Affects of South Facing Sites

South is another unfavorable direction for Vaastu Purusha but if effectively used gives away health, wealth and all-round prosperity while if not used properly would give undesirable results to the inmates. Lord Yama- god of death governs this direction who is also responsible for wealth and health but keeps everything accord with virtue. People staying in South facing houses prosper only if their construction is complaint with Vaastu norms embedded for South direction.

Any extension in Southern portion is not consider auspicious and can lead to unwanted consequences in building. To avoid misfortunes and misdeeds it is better to place or construct everything in accord to Vaastu so that South facing house bring riches and prosperity. Generally people inherit attributes of Southern direction to live out the life with strong determination and vigour and can do things without being least reluctant.

  1. People living in South direction sites are firm in their decisions, have vigour and are determine in life. They are intensely strong, possess firm willpower and can establish themselves from the scratch.
  2. Women living in Southern facing houses are more leading than their counterparts and don’t allow others to dominate them. They may be aggressive and strong by nature which is the inherited attribute of fire (South-east).
  3. South-east is best suitable for kitchen and South-west corner is ideal for dumping stuff, over-head water tank and storage room.
  4. Avoid any under-water or septic tank in Southern area, as it will lead to mishaps and loss of wealth.
  5. South-west portion is ideal for master bedroom which must be conquered by owner of house.
  6. No open space should be left in South for instance in South facing houses no open balcony should be constructed rather Northern part is ideal for open balcony.
  7. Properly analyze that there should be no pit or extension in Southern direction as it will lead to harmful affects for inmates.  
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We are Providing Home Loans for Low CIBIL Score Customer
What is meant by CIBIL?
 The Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd, better known as CIBIL, is the premier agency for providing credit reports and scores pertaining to individuals. CIBIL sources financial data of individuals such as loan and credit card information from leading banks and other financial institutions in India. This data is then presented in the form of a CIBIL credit report, also known as a Credit Information Report (CIR).

CIBIL was incorporated in 2000 and has continued to expand its presence throughout the country. It is backed by Trans Union International and Dun and Bradstreet, which are major global credit bureaus and agencies. 

What is a CIBIL score?

CIBIL credit score or credit rating is, in short, a 3-digit figure ranging from 300 to 900 points which denotes a person’s credit worthiness. This figure is derived from the CIBIL report of an individual through advanced statistical algorithms that take into account their credit history including borrowings, repayment patterns, defaults in repayment and other data relevant to a person’s credit worthiness.

CIBIL scores are calculated on the basis of at least 6 months of historical financial data of an individual. The data is fed into an algorithm with 258 different variables; each with a different weight age. 

Analyzing your CIBIL score :
  •  -1: This implies that the borrower has no previous history of borrowings with any bank or other financial institutions in the country i.e. no credit history.
  •  300-600: Individuals with CIBIL credit scores in this slab are considered to be a credit risk by banks and other financial institutions. In general, credit cards and loans will not be provided to people in this slab.
  •  601-750: This is the intermediate range of scores and will allow you to borrow from various lenders. However, banks may refer to your overall financial position and consider other risk related criteria to ascertain your creditworthiness e.g. stable employment, different sources of income, loan security etc.
  •  750+: Scores above 750 are considered to be good and will help you in getting loan or a credit card with ease. If your credit score is high, you can leverage this to negotiate with lenders for better/lower interest rates.
Why should you get your credit information report?

 It helps in analyzing your true financial standing and make plans for future finances.

  •  You can be on top of your borrowings and avoid debt traps.
  •  With a CIBIL score in hand, you are in a great position to make decisions regarding availing new forms of credit, while also being able to extract the best possible rates from banks or other lenders.
  • It helps in cultivating financial discipline.
Things that positively affect your credit score :
  1.  On time loan EMI payments. 
  2. Regular payment of credit card bills. 
  3. Paying credit card bills in full rather than paying minimum due amount every time. 
  4.  Avoiding over-leveraging. 
  5. Maintaining strong financial records. 
  6. Too many forms of credit (such as unsecured personal loans) among family members.  Proper utilization of approved credit limit. 
  7. Ensuring banks and other financial institutions you’re dealing with record and Requesting and maintaining a copy personally rather than through financial institutions. 
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B Khata site(or)Land For Sale in

Land (or) Site Buy Method in Bengaluru
As of late bought a little site in Bangalore and the method was not that simple. It truly needs part of time and exertion from you in the event that you don't have any related knowledge. There are individuals who will postpone or miss lead you amid the procedure particularly on the off chance that you are going for an advance. I will clarify the occasions and steps that are included from distinguishing a property until getting it enlisted in your name.

I have bought a BDA property from the main proprietor. I connected for the lodging credit from SBI for site + development. The strides are as beneath, guarantee that you are not occupied in office and have some an opportunity to take off if necessary amid the procedure. In the whole process, you will need to do parcel of circling to complete things.

1. When you found the property suitable for you, arrange the cost and pay a token development.

2. Get every one of the records from the merchant (Might be a third individual known as handle): All past title deeds, khata, khata extricate, charge paid reciepts and most recent EC.

3. Counsel a legal advisor and guarantee that the title is clear

4. Get into a concurrence with the vender specifying the amount you are paying ahead of time and how much on the date of enlistment. Guarantee that the value that you are enrolling for is over the BDA settled rate at that zone. (Legal counselors/Mediators have that data) . The stamp-paper esteem should be 0.1 or 1% of enlistment worth if going for credit (check with the bank)

5. On the off chance that you are not going for a credit, skip to step 22.

6. Get an application credit application shape an apply for the advance. The most extreme credit qualification might change from bank to bank and time to time. Typically you will get 80% of the property estimation or half your month to month salary whichever is lower. For eg, if your wage every month is 50k you can get advance upto 25lakhs, this generally shifts in view of your reimbursing limit and reimbursement period.

7. Bank needs duplicates of all the above records said in step 2 and the deal understanding specified in step 4.

8. Extra records like your job offer letter, most recent 2 months pay slip, 2 years expense forms, 6 months bank proclamations, address verification, id confirmation and 2 photographs are additionally required. They may demand for a gaurntor, in which case you have to get all these from him also. Merchant's id, financial balance, address confirmation is additionally required.

9. Need to pay handling expense in type of check as expected to the bank

10. When you apply for the advance, bank begins preparing it and the technique includes lawful feeling, valuation, report handling, credit endorsement, documentation and transfer.

11. The bank procedure can take from couple of weeks to over a month relying on some unexpected circumstances. Guarantee that in step 4, in the assention, you obtain enough time from the merchant. It is a smart thought to specify the date of enrollment as 2 months after the date of understanding.

12. The bank has it's own particular legal advisor and valuator. It may teach you to go to them or send the docs to them specifically. For my situation, I needed to go myself and it can again take couple of days.

13. The legal advisor may request firsts of the considerable number of docs which are with the dealer. In this way, you may need to take the vender to the legal counselor's place. Legal advisor checks everything and does a confirmation in sub-recorder office. This is to guarantee that the most recent EC specifies that the property is still with the dealer. After this he gives a point by point report saying the records he checked and gives a go/nogo to the bank.

14. Property Evaluator needs to visit the spot and he takes couple of photographs and gauges the cost of the property. This will manage the amount of credit you will get. He will likewise give a report which you have to submit at the bank

15. Bank will likewise send couple of verifiers to your home, office and the site and you will need to answer all inquiries.

16. Every one of the reports ranges to the bank and they begin handling, it is conceivable that the procedure may be in an alternate branch, Ensure that you keep catching up be calling them or going to them regularly. It won't not move generally.

17. Once the advance is affirmed, you should visit to the bank for documentation with all reports that you have. (In the event that SBI, it is RACPC in st Marks street). You will need to take the EC again till date subsequent to there may be one month delay from the date of enrollment. This is required by the bank to guarantee that the property is still with the dealer.

18. The aggregate expense for enrollment as of nov-2010, incorporates 6.72% stamp obligation + 1% enlistment charge, The bank credit sum can incorporate this. So add up to cost will be x + 7.72 * x/100. The bank may give 80% of this. The rest you will need to pay at the bank.

19. On the off chance that you don't have an investment account in bank, it is better you open the record ahead of time and credit rest of the sum in that (20% of aggregate expense).

20. Amid the documentation, you will need to sign around 70 spots and it is a half day process.

21. You should obviously specify the 3 DD sums in a letter which the bank gives on that day. One for the vender, one for 6.72% to the stamp obligation and 1% for the enrollment, both tended to the sub-enlistment center, 'your enlistment office'. The enrollment workplaces are distinctive taking into account your territory address . All out stamp obligation ought to be 6.72%, so for the assention in step 4, on the off chance that you have paid 0.1 or 1% that can be deducted and the DD can be for 6.62% or 5.72% in like manner.

22. Make a deal deed with the assistance of legal counselor. He may require the DD number said in the dealer's DD.

23. On the date enlistment, dealer, you, and the bank authority(in instance of advance) ought to go the recorder office. The bank will give the DD specifically to the merchant (or you, if no credit) and gather all the first archives from him. The other 2 DD will be submitted at the enlistment center office.

24. At the enlistment center office, photographs will be taken of both the gatherings and it will show up in the deal deed. The deal deed said in 22 should be delivered and posterior of initial few papers will be printed with enrollment subtle elements. You have to take the duplicates of that promptly since the first should be submitted to the bank immediately(in instance of advance)

25. Every one of the records will go the bank and they will give an affirmation letter. You have to get a letter from bank expressing they have all firsts and they dont have any protests in you getting khata transfered to your name.

Presently the area is in your name, Next step would be to get the EC, khata and so on transfered to your name with the goal that you can begin development related work. Will need to do house planing , arrangement endorsement and again apply for advance for development.
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Why Khata is needed?
Khata status of a property is needed for obtaining water and electricity connections. For application of trade licenses, building licenses and application of loans, Khata status of a property is required. #BKHATA LOANS

Let’s not get confused with other documents and the title deed.

There is a chance that one may get confused with the title deed of a property and the Khata. Khata is the assessment record of a property with the government agencies required to pay taxes, while title deed is the agreement between the seller and the buyer while the transfer of property takes place. The title deed confers ownership of the land and the right to the concerned property to the owner.#homeloan for b khata
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