Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Mortgage Loan ! Mortgage Loan Eligibility And Documentation Required ?

Mortgage Loan :- Normally, individuals take mortgage loans to get property like home, land etc. A mortgage loan helps you raise cash in order that you'll be able to compose for your monetary shortage and additionally purchase what you would like. loan could be a Secured Loan. The loan is secured on the borrower's property. Going forward, the receiver must repay the loan likewise because the interest quantity on the loan among a specific amount of your time. Once the reimbursement is totally done, you may be in a position own the property on your name or retreat to your belongings. Mortgage loans also are referred to as or claims on property or liens against property. In case, you stop repaying your loan, the lender/bank has the whole right to possess and sell the secured property. A loan involves the subsequent elements - principal, interest, tax and insurance. Principal is that the quantity you truly borrow from your investor. Interest is that the reward your investor receives for loaning you the cash. The charge per unit plays a significant role in increasing the scale of your loan. Higher interest rates cause higher mortgage payment. Tax and insurance payments square measure extra to your monthly mortgage payments. Insurance provides you protection against future injuries that will be caused to your property. Also, your property taxes are extra to your monthly payments. the govt. can collect this tax on yearly basis and use that quantity to fund varied public and social sector activities. So, once you take a loan, you furthermore might ought to perceive the on top of mentioned elements that have an effect on the scale of your mortgage repayments.

Mortgage Loan Eligibility ???

Your total annual income.
Minimum age needs to be 21 years.
If have any existing liabilities.
Valuation of your property.
Number of dependents you have.
Your total work experience and experience in your current job.
Financial documents.
Both salaried and self-employed individuals are eligible to apply for mortgage loan

Documentation required for a Mortgage Loan :-

A filled loan application form.
A few passport size photographs.
Proof of identity. As proof of identity you can submit voter card, driving license, PAN card, passport, employee ID card etc.
Proof of address. Normally banks accept ration card, Aadhaar card, telephone bill, electricity bill, voter card and driving license as address proof.
Your latest salary slips.
Form 16 issued by your employer.
Bank statements of last 6 months
And a processing fee cheque.

A self-employed needs to submit the following documents:

Application form.
Recent passport size photograph.
Identity proof.
Proof of business existence.
Proof of education qualifications.
Certified financial statement for the last 3 years.
Last 3 years income tax return certificate.
Last 3 years profit and loss (P&L) statement.
Last 6 months’ bank statement
Processing fee.
Apply 9008133998
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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

B Khata Loan For Home & Mortgage Against Property With Instant Approval

Loans against fully constructed, freehold residential and commercial properties for:-

Business Needs

Marriage, medical expenses and other personal needs
Transferring your outstanding loan availed from another Bank / Financial Institution

   Longer tenure, smaller EMIs

   Attractive interest rates

  Easy and hassle free documentation

  Simple repayments through monthly instalments.

  Integrated branch network for availing and servicing the loan anywhere in India.

 Loan For B Khata, AKhata, EKhata & Grama Panchayat Khata 9.10% Low Interest Rate & Instant Approval Nationalized Banks Apply 9008133998