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In 2007, seven town Municipal Councils (CMC) of Bommanahalli, Dasarahalli, Krishnarajapuram, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Mahadevapura, Byatarayanapura, Yelahanka, one city Municipal Council (TMC) of Kengeri and a hundred and ten villages were brought underneath the ambit of city Mahanagara Palike (BMP). afterward, Bruhat city Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)was created and it came to light-weight that a lot of properties underneath the ambit of BBMP failed to have applicable approval from the involved exploitation authority.

Prior to the formation of BBMP, the municipal councils accustomed collect tax underneath the capital price system underneath the provisions of the state Municipalities Act, 1964 and therefore the villages were grouping tax underneath the state panchayet dominion Act, 1993. The then BMP was grouping taxes underneath the annual rental price system. Thus, would like for a consistent taxation policy for properties underneath the ambit of freshly ingrained BBMP was accomplished and in 2009, a replacement section 108A was inserted to the state Municipal firms Act, 1976.

Many unauthorized properties continued  to fancy the civic amenities while not paying capital levy. when the modification to the Act, BBMP might levy tax on a building made in violation of the provisions of the building byelaws or made in an exceedinglyn unauthorized layout or in a revenue land or from a building occupied while not supplying of occupancy or a completion certificate. These properties were issued Associate in Nursing acknowledgment that was in common idiom referred to as ‘B’ Khata.

In reality, capital levy collected from such buildings/properties is registered underneath a separate register, i.e. ‘B’ Register and therefore the Khatha issued underneath the register came to be referred to as B Khatha.

Which is healthier – A Khatha or B Khatha ?

It is better to travel for properties having A Khatha as just in case of B Khatha you're not entailed to own building license, trade licence or loan from banks or the other monetary transactions. B Khata could be a temporary live which is able to enable you to shop for or sell a web site, however you may face issues after you select construction.

Khatha conversion
Whenever the intervening irregularity is resolved, B Khatha are often born-again in to A Khatha. Here area unit the wants for changing a B Khatha to Associate in Nursing A Khatha:
(1) you must have DC born-again property
(2) capital levy should be paid until date
(3) Betterment charges for the conversion of property needs to be paid to BBMP



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