Wednesday, 6 January 2016


What are B khata Sites?

B Khata sites in Bangalore are generally properties formed or developed on Lands without following the government rules and regulations such as BBMP, KIDB, BMRDA, BDA, TPA or any other respected authority coming under. These Layouts where the sites are formed without any by laws like road width, common amenities like Parks, Play grounds, CA Sites etc.

There layouts are generally formed without DC Conversion. In many cases one might come across layout formation done on Green belt lands which are reserved for agricultural purpose only. However there is huge price difference when compared to A Khata sites which are formed following all by laws like Land conversion from Green belt to Yellow Belt and then converted for residential use by obtaining DC conversion for formation of sites/plots/Multi floor apartment development.

Getting a Loan for B Khata properties

Generally one cannot get Home loans/Site purchase loans / Composite loans for B Khata properties from nationalized banks. However there are many private financial institutes that offer loans for these properties at much higher rate of interest when compared to nationalized bank.

How is B Khata Properties treated under the Current Rules?

Khata is a legal identification document for Bangalore residence and contains all relevant information for the purpose of tax revenue from the property. Khata is not a Title deed as the latter is an entirely different thing altogether. Khata is only an account with the authorities for proper monitoring of taxes that the property holders are liable to pay to them.

Although there are details like property owners name, size of property, location, built up area and other matters, it however do not hold good under law or the civic authorities that the property is under the ownership of that individuals. Again, the Khata has been divided into A Khata and B Khata for jurisdictional purpose and therefore the former comes under B.B.M.P while the latter under local jurisdiction. Apart from this the A Khata properties are regarded as legal authorized construction while the B Khata properties are unauthorized construction.

How to Apply for B Khata for your property..?

Usually those whose names are not entered in the B Khata properties are the ones that need to apply for B Khata. These are those property owners who are in residual category according to the civic authorities. In most cases those who are applying for B Khata properties are likely to be those people who own properties or are constructed on revenue land.


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