Thursday, 17 March 2016

Stamp duty and Registration charges in Bangalore

 For Registration of a Flat,Villa,plot:

The Government of Karnataka collects the stamp duty on the first purchase of flats/vilas/plots from Owners, Promoters, Developers etc. and the stamp duty is calculated as follows, based on the value of the flat being purchased:

  • If the value does not exceed Rs.3 lakhs 2% of the value (Rs.6,000/- for Rs.3lakhs)
  • If it exceeds Rs.3lakhs but does not exceed Rs.5 lakhs. Rs.6,000/- plus 3% on the amount exceeding Rs.3 lakhs (Rs.12,000/- for Rs.5 lakhs)
  • If it exceeds Rs.5 lakhs but does not exceed Rs.10 lakhs Rs.12,000/- plus 6% on the amount exceeding Rs.5 lakhs (Rs.42,000/- for Rs.10lakhs)
  • If it exceeds Rs.10 lakhs. Rs.42,000/- plus 8% on the amount exceeding Rs.10lakhs (Rs.1,06,000/- for Rs.18 lakhs)

Infrastructural development stamp duty of 5% on the above stamp duty is also charged. In addition to the above if the property is located in city corporation or city municipal council 2% extra stamp duty on the value of the flat/apartment is also charged.

Value of the flat is say Rs.5lakhs.

1 Stamp duty Rs.6,000/- plus 3% on the amount exceeding Rs.3lakhs (Rs.5,00,000–Rs.3,00,000/-=Rs.2,00,000/-) at 3% = Rs.6,000/- Rs.12,000/-
2 Infrastructural stamp duty @ 5% of the above Rs.600/-
3 Additional stamp duty in case of properties in corporation / city municipal areas 2% of the value of the property Rs.10,000/-


In case of properties located outside Bangalore regional development authority stamp duty on properties exceeding Rs.10,00,000/- is calculated as follows:

  • Rs.42,000/- plus 7% on the amount exceeding Rs.10,00,000/-
  • Infrastructural stamp duty @ 5% on the above stamp duty
  • Additional stamp duty of 2% in case of a property located in corporation / city municipal areas.
Registration charges:

Registration charges is payable at 2% of the value of the flat/vilas/plot purchased.

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