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Modular Kitchen Vs Semi-Modular Kitchen


                    In India, most room cupboards area unit product of laminated ply board (water proof) cut in applicable sizes and joined along to make a unit with shutters/drawers to shut them. It’ll have five sides (left, right, bottom, high & back) forming the storage portion with the access from the front (shutter/drawer). A standard room can have a desired set of units like these that area unit assembled / unbroken next to every different (floor – base units, wall – wall units) as per style. We have a tendency to decision every unit a module and thus the term standard room. In brief a group of modules assembled along forms a standard room. Here the room is given as associate degree empty area and therefore the designer has the liberty to make a concept/design taking inputs from the house maker. the look potentialities area unit endless and therefore the method from thought stage to final empowerment is kind of exciting.
modular kitchen

 sometimes home manufacturers do go into to our store and kindle semi-modular kitchens, thinking that it’s cheaper and higher option!! Let Pine Tree State clarify, this type of arrangement is primarily utilized in civil kitchens – wherever the storage units area unit product of cement structure with block and counter high arranged on top of. In Chennai, most of the builders/property developers deliver the flat to the client with slab/counter high already arranged within the room. it's outstanding that heap of consumers area unit told that semi-modular kitchens area unit higher for them by the representatives. this can be not precisely true and that i would love to list a couple of professionals and cons in this;

      Pros in choosing a semi-modular room


v  Home maker will use the room from day one once keys area unit handed over

v  They need not pay from their already strained budget

v  on obtaining a standard room if they are doing not mind deed the utensils exposed

v  you can cowl the front with simply frame and shutters that the value are marginal

      Cons in choosing a semi-modular room

§  If you're a home maker United Nations agency desires an honest trying standard room, the civil structure could be a constraint to figure with

§  The Designer can need to work with several unsought constraints like already arranged civil structure/ slab/sink/counter high etc

§  You will lose the highest storage across the room because of the block

§  You might not be ready to use lots of accessories as they are available in customary sizes

§  The final outcome once assembled are compromised as most of times the installer find yourself doing changes atthe positioning

§  We will need to use lots of paneling and fillers to hide the civil structure and will find yourself defraymentadditional.

§  We will not be ready to use most of the nicer, premium finishes. largely 

§  we have a tendency to use Matt laminateend in semi-modular kitchens as changes area unit easier/doable with it.

In short, if you wish smart|an honest|a decent} trying room with fine lines and wish to use good accessories,continuously decide on a standard room and NOT semi-modular. So, please instruct your builder to not place theblock or granite until you complete the standard room work. one in all the considerations of the house maker arewhether or not the clique will take the load of the granite seated on high. the solution is that if you'revictimisation sensible quality ply wood for the cupboards – ‘YES’ it will take the load. you are doing not ought toworry concerning the other facet, this can be the proper method if you opt to travel ahead with standard room. The steps area unit as below;

Ø  Instruct builder to not lay block / granite / sink etc

Ø  Let the room area be empty with needed electrical and plumbing points and floor at same level through  out

Ø  Approach a standard room supplier and raise them to require measurements at web site

Ø  Design, approve and place order

Ø  Get the bottom unit car case put in

Ø  Ask the builder to urge the granite arranged on the cupboards with sink and application

Ø  Install the wall units boxes

Ø  Fix all accessories, shutters / drawers

Ø  Fix the appliances

Final finishing touches of adjusting the hinges/hardware to urge the administrator lines across the standard room arrangement

             In this post, I actually have tried to elucidate the distinction between standard & semi-modular room and professionals and cons between each.  powerfully recommendation that you simply build associate degree abreast of call so as to assist you style and make your dream room.

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