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B Khata may be a great investment

When mentioned in relevancy a property, it means the property is registered with the Municipality, for the needs of property taxation.

The A and B
Well, ordinarily there's simply one kind of Khata. however metropolis is associate degree exception. once BBMP was created by merging varied municipal councils, it had to require tax from several properties that were “not legal”. therefore it created a separate kind ofaccount, career it the B Khata. Consequently, the non-B Khata became A Khata.

Thus, A Khata property means the property has complete documentation with the BBMP (even if those documents aren't with the owner). it'sa Municipality verified legal property.

B Khata property on the opposite hand might not have all its legal documents registered with the BBMP. Whenever it willit's eligible to be regenerate into associate degree A Khata property. 

Land and Construction have completely different accounts

Accounting is finished for the land and therefore the construction otherwise. So, once you get a DC regenerate (non-agricultural) land, it's without delay eligible for associate degree A Khata. then again the development set up is to be submitted, got approved and therefore the construction is to be done. This construction might deviate from the floor-plan. Unless, BBMP verifies that it matches the floor-plan, the development, and thence the property, remains in B Khata.

BBMP has only a few resources to verify every and each property. This ends up in varied B Khata properties, despite the supreme courtruling to ban the supply of such Khatas.

Most of the freelance homes area unit B Khata

No denying that. it's Murphy’s Law. coming up with will seldom be goodindividuals tend to not get the re-approval of the particular construction set up. It takes time and energy.
Hence, excluding the investment reasons, Bangaloreans like the developer flats so as to urge a completely legal property. however here is that the caveat.

90% of the developer comes area unit B Khata too

What The Floor?
Well, its true. once they say they need associate degree A Khata, they merely mean that the land is registered as associate degree A Khata. however once they complete the buildings, they have to urge the Completion and Occupancy Certificates. These certificates area unit solely issued if the development set up has been properly followed. several builders build over the stipulated variety of floors, or penthouses that were non-existent within the set upso that they don't get the certificates and therefore the residences become B Khata residencesit's an enormous issue, in metropolis a minimum of.

Why ought to i am going for B Khata property then?
A-Khata is certainly awe-inspiring. But, you'll conjointly choose B Khata, reckoning on the quantity of different documents of the property area unit obtainableas a result of then you may apprehend low-cost and with some minor effort on your halfyou'll convert it into A Khata.

We area unit here to assist
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